Please note that as of December 11, 2016, Blackboard Collaborate will be “retired” and NSCC will begin using Skype for Business as our official College tool for online collaboration and meetings. 

As an organization, NSCC has been using Skype for Business over the past year. The introduction of Office 365 in August provided staff and students with access to Skype for Business and other tools, both at campuses and on home/personal computers.

The College has chosen to “retire” Blackboard Collaborate for a number of reasons:

·        This supports the “Standards and Consistency” commitment in the Technology Strategy as it aids in standardizing technology in learning and work environments for consistency, ease of use and efficient maintenance and support.

·        Skype for Business is part of our Office 365 suite of tools already being used across the College and accessed by NSCC staff. 

·        While Blackboard Collaborate is a useful tool, its primary use is through colleges, universities and schools. Skype for Business is a tool that many students will use when they transition from their College programs into the workforce.

·        Our license for Blackboard Collaborate will expire in December of this year. Renewing would not be good business given we already have a tool that offers the same type of functionality.

NSCC staff and students can access Skype for Business through the Office 365 portal.

You can access support documentation here.